Retreat Ticket



  • cancellations only for 75% of selling price, until one month prior to retreat, there is no refunds in August.
  • 2022 price adjustment are possible. For now the price is correct to value.
  • When payment is complete, press Strg/Ctrl+P to print your receit, I will also send out a confirmation email.

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You pay for:

  • Retreat Venue
  • Amanita Dreamer
  • Necessary Equipment
  • Amanita Muscaria provided
  • Snacks
  • Organization and logistic

You have:

  1. An Awesome Time
  2. soul healing and connection
  3. Instruction in contacting this sacred space
  4. much more for words to say.


If you prefer buying via Bank Transfer you can use the form below. Include your name and email, from there we will be in contact and send you the payment details directly.

Please write me a few lines on who you are and how you came here, perhaps on your previous experience with Amanita.

Im as excited to do this as you surely are!

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