A shared & guided Amanita-Workshop

“Amanita-Muscaria is like a primary school of spychedelics”
“Amanita heals the innermost you, your childhood Memories till the Age of six”
“Amanita helps grow your ego to its proper size  . . .  which is a good thing”

 Amanita Dreamer

Ceremony as we understand it is to build community at an experimental level.
See this event as a double gain in learning what the human festival-experience truly can bring and how to provide one and many more gatherings may spring from this one!
Lets bring our group together, for the experience to remember for lifetime!

Dave Fy

Lets have a


The first weekend in september (3./4.) we will have a shamanic ceremony, joined and guided by Amanita Dreamer who visits Europe this fall. Come meet her and learn how we can do Amanita Ceremony as a group, journying together and come in contact with our Elders, to receive guidance as a group and individually.

This is not likely to be a colourful journey where we receive cerebral information and more like a body and soul cleansing, realigning, and building up of a new supporting structures. A process in which the soul, the group and Nature the big source are united in the moment, for you, permanently. This is an event that will stay with you for your life, it has a profound and far reaching effects despite its low spychedelic profile.
 A down to earth nature festival reviving the essence of what it means to be alive, happening here in the relaxed countryside of Switzerland, surrounded by beautiful Nature. We are here to celebrate & come together, enjoy a the group experience and perhaps grow an earth connected gathering on our own. May we journey together and learn from our ancestors together, so that they, in turn and as a live exercise, connect and direct us from that moment, as we are.

Amanita Muscaria provides a lot of benefits and is an excellent Ally to have in many situations.  Amanita Muscaria balances in many ways and specifically your nervous system, naturally it also helps gut, skin and many more.
Beyond its body-health benefits, its soothes and strengthens the soul, it can give a strong sence of inner correctnes and a sense of stability. It is a subtle realigning of your whole spiritual beeing that may go almost unnoticed to your ordinary mind, yet the effects and implications in your life are all pervading and of a lasting nature.

Amanita Muscaria develops its effects on the spyche in different ways when it is etiher joined or drunk as a tea. We may each combine both and from there join together into a shared space.  Together we develop not just as individuals, but as a group, only to discover yet again new ground for ourselves individually.
And there is  a special effect that is present only in a group experience of this kind, making a bigger frame, a structure of guidance and direction, the transpersonal gives ground for the personal. Also there are aspects of you that only exist in social interaction we can strengthen and grow by active enacting of our long lost tribal traditions.

Most of all, this is a community festival reviving how our nature based ancestors came together regularly to build strong bonds. F In your best interest, see this as a spychedelically enhanced drumming festival first of all. There will be something to take home for everybody, yet we are all in different places in our lives and growing is not a uniform thing, so it is best you free yourself of fixed expectations, this way you may find all the soulgoldnuggets yourselves!


Hi, my Name is David.
I am happy to be your co-host for this special ceremony.
I have been healing with amanita for about 2 years and am now beginning
to explore the great lifebuilding potential for myself.
This ceremony I will assist AD and also enjoy and grow with you.

Welcome, Aarau Switzerland

Drum around the fire

We will be guests at the Naturfreundehaus Hofmatt in Dürrenäsch, right by the woods. In the evening we will ceremony in accompannying forest around a big fireplace.

We will be drumming and smoking outside. Please bring enough warm clothes and a blanket if you want one. It is best you bring your own drum for the evening. However if you need a drum, I can provide you, please let me know with your booking.

The Ceremony space will be quiet, meaning without talking, this will allow everyone to tune in and settle down, the drumming is reserved for during ceremony. Also, we want to stay tech free during the ceremony, please excuse yourself of availability for the evening &night. You will be asked to leave your phone inside or switch it off, thank you.

Fruit, snacks, tea, soup & bread are provided in the house. Beds are provided for everyone, its best to bring a sleeping Bag but if you cannot there is covers available. Everybody will know for themselves when ceremony is over and when its time to sleep it out.

Important: After the ceremony it is not safe for you to drive. You have to stay for the night or arrange a taxiservice for yourself.

In case you are extra hungry or prefer a special Diet, please bring what you everything to suit your own Diet. And of course, if you want to bring some snacks for a happy buffet, please do

bonfire, people, forest-6961708.jpg
  • We will start ceremony one hour before sunset, thats 7 pm (DST, 19 Uhr Sommerzeit).
  • Arrival for is from 5:30 to 6 pm.
  • The Event will end Sunday 9 am and we will leave the house before 9:30.
  • As we like we shall have a hangout with a fire for anyone wanting to talk and share experiences.
  • You can reach the house by car and park infront.
  • You can travel on train via Aarau, take the S14 to Teufenthal, from there the 395 to Dürrenäsch-Ausserdorf.
  • Or, travel on train via Luzern. take the S9 to Boniswil and from there the 395 to Dürrenäsch-Ausserdorf.
    The house is about 10 minutes by foot from the Busstop.


This medicine is not appropriate for everyone,
please consider honestly if its right for you.

Important Guidelines:

Please know, that nobody can guarantee your experience nor the effects on you. Know that you do this on your own responsibility. It is best you have at least some experience with it so that you can recognize effects.
Amanita will be provided on an open basis, like a buffet. Please use responsibly, follow your own feeling aswell as the lead of the host. You decide for yourself how deep you want to journey.
You are responsible to not overdo it. In case of emergency you would be held responsible.

Please note,  the green herb is known to cancel Amanita, if you are a regular user, you better test for yourself if you feel an effect beforehand. We recommend abstinence from green for two weeks or better a month before the event.

There is side effects with alcohol, active Drinkers can not participate. It is require for everyone to not drink 48 hours before the event.

These are no guarantees for safety or effectiveness.

Have you experienced Amanita Muscaria before?

If Your answer is No,
and you are curious, go on to AmanitaDreamer.net to learn from her videos how the effect of Amanita can help you. Learn how & when to use it or to get an overview of the cultural context.

If you never experienced Amanita Muscaria this is fine, some experience beforehand will serve you well.


great, go ahead! Her website has got some great content, it will surely satisfy your every Amanita need!
Especially, for all Attendees, please know why ceremonying important and what we mean by it, so have a look at the ceremony page.

Does this event speak to you ?
Are you ready for this?
Then please come join us.

Booking Checklist:
  •  Videos watched and/or Experience with Amanita Muscaria
  • Legals read, agreed and signed
  • Payment / Reservation
  •  Know what to bring